Event Source

  • Maximum data size: 256 KB

  • Maximum of 20,000 inflight events in the queue (Make sure the tasks can process relatively as the same rate of incoming events)

  • Maximum of 150 incoming messages per app per second

Webhook Deduplication

When Shypyard receives a webhook event, it generates a SHA-256 hash using the webhook data content. This hash is used to detect duplications in a 5 mins interval. When a message with the same duplicate ID is sent to Shypyard, it will be acknowledged but ignored by the app queue.

The deduplication ID is tracked even after the message is processed and finished.

Task limit

  • Worker concurreny, memory and timeout for the app would depend on the plan

  • 3 retries for each failed task. Each time the task fails for the event, the event will be re-processed after up to 90 seconds of delay.

  • When new task changes are deployed, the existing messages in the app queue will be processed by the deployed code immediately.

  • When a task is paused, all the existing messages in the task will still be processed but no new messages will be put in the app queue.

  • Code size of each task cannot exceed 20kb in our zip compressed format.

Config vars limit

  • Config var keys should use only alphanumeric characters and the underscore character (_).

  • Config var data (the combination of all keys and values) cannot exceed 4kb for each app and task (app and task are counted independently)

  • Config var keys should not begin with a double underscore (__) and SHYPYARD_

Shypyard Database limit

  • Maximum data size to be 5mb. Lower limit is subjected to plan availabilities.

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