App Integration

Each Shypyard app can set up integration with third-party services. We currently support integration to more than 30 different apps, and the list is growing quickly!

There are 3 advantages of using shypyard integration:

  1. Event triggers: For certain third party services, adding the integration enables you to use webhook events from said service to trigger your task

  2. Managed credentials: the credentials from integrations are store securely at rest, and you can retrieve them at runtime in order to use them for making API requests. We make it much simpler to securely manage credentials.

  3. Managed actions (coming soon): you will be able to interact with the third-party services more easily.

How to add integration?

click into Integrations tab, then click on Add Integration button

Here you will see a pop-up, showing a list of integrations we currently support. If the service uses O-auth for authentication, then we will use that as well.

For Shopify, you need to first create a private app for your store to get the integration credentials.

What is Integration name for?

Integration name is a way to identify the integration you added. For example, if you have added 2 separate Shopify integrations, and in the code you can use the integration name to differentiate.

const { auths, libs } = require('platform');

module.exports = async (event, options) => {
  const store1 = libs.shopify.get('store_1_integration_name');
  const store2 = libs.shopify.get('store_2_integration_name');

What if my service is not supported?

Don't worry! You can still add the API key/password to environment variables, and directly make HTTP requests with the service. It is a bit more cumbersome, but you are never limited by the list of integrations we offer.

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