Manual trigger

Manual trigger allows you to trigger a task in an ad-hoc fashion. This is very helpful if you are running certain scripts that do not need to happen regularly, such as exporting data on-demand.

We also allow you to ask for user inputs as part of the manual trigger so the task can execute based on the data. For example, you may have a task for exporting sales data for a specific product, and the manual trigger can ask for the product ID.

Adding a manual trigger

Click on Add Trigger > Scheduler, then you will see the following pop-up:

If you want to ask for data, you can set up manual trigger input params. We support the following input params:

  • Text input

  • Number input

  • Array input

  • Bool switch

  • File Upload

For each input param, you need to set up the input_key and add description or default value.

This is how it looks with the 4 types of input params.

How to use manual trigger?

When a task with manual trigger is deployed, you will see a Run button for the task. Clicking on it will execute the task! If you have input params set up, you will see a pop-up, which asks for the data before running the task.

Can I do manual trigger with file upload?

Yes, we know this can be very useful for uploading csv files and doing a one-time migration or processing. To learn more about how this can be done, see this guide.

Shape of the event object

For scheduled trigger, the following are the shape. The data will depend on whether you set up input params for manual trigger.

  "topic": "platform/user/trigger",
  "taskID": "<TASK_ID>",
  "data": <INPUT_DATA>

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