Application trigger

Application trigger allow you to trigger tasks based on events from apps like Shopify. Right now only Shopify based triggers are supported but we plan to expand this to more third-party apps in the future.

Adding a Shopify trigger

In order to add a Shopify trigger, you would need to first add a Shopify integration to the Shypyard app. Then after clicking on Add Trigger > Shopify Webhook Select, you will see the following pop-up:

For every app based triggers, you can choose which integration to use for the trigger. This is helpful if you have added multiple Shopify integrations, and only need trigger from a specific store.

Next, you can choose the specific app event to use as trigger. For Shopify, we support all the Shopify webhooks.

You will also notice text called Event Topic. Each unique trigger will have a topic that can be used to reference which trigger the task is executed from.

Shape of the event object

For Shopify trigger, the following are the shape. The data will be the data from Shopify webhook.

  "topic": "shopify/xxxx/xxxx",
  "taskID": "<TASK_ID>",
  "shop": "",
  "data": <EVENT_DATA>

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