Task editor

Interface overview

When you click Edit on the app dashboard, you will enter the task editor view. Here you have all the tools at your disposal to craft the business logic for you automation or integration task.

A brief overview of each section:

  1. Test data selector: select or create test data to be used to test the code during development.

  2. Test code button: click to execute the current code in development mode

  3. Task code file list: source code for the task. You can refactor your business logic among multiple javascript files for better maintainability and readability.

  4. Task trigger: manage your task triggers here.

  5. Task Options: create and edit task options, which are configuration object that is passed to the task code but not defined within code. This allows tweaking the task behavior without touch a single line of code.

  6. NPM library: install any third party javascript library here to improve your development efficiency.

  7. Task environment variable: set up environment variables to be used for this particular task

  8. Task code editor: Powerful javascript editor for developing the business logic.

  9. Task side panel

    1. App Integration

    2. Task activity history

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