Observability (logging)

Shypyard logging gives you a clear idea of how your tasks are running and helps you debug any issues that show up.

See log list

On the logs view, each item in the list correspond to log run from a triggered event. You can see the topic of the run as well as the version of the deployed code that is executed. You can also filter by success/failure and development/production runs.

See log details

Click on one of the logs, and we will show a slide out with details of that particular run. You will see 3 tabs:

  1. Run Logs: this shows the exact console.log output from your tasks for each log request. If a log run is retried, then they will all show up here.

  2. Event Data: the event object processed by the log run.

  3. Child runs: If you task triggers another task, then the child run history will show up here.

Filter by event ID

If you want to drill down to a specific event, you can filter by event ID. The id will be based on the triggered event object. For example, if you have a event for shopify/product/update then you can pass in the product ID.

Share log

In the log view, you can see the Share URL button. Then you will get a shareable link you can pass to your teammate to view the logs.

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