Scheduled trigger

Shypyard allows you to execute tasks on a schedule. You can schedule a task to run every 5 mins to export data to a FTP server or make API calls to synchronize the data with third party POS or ERP systems.

Adding a scheduled trigger

Click on Add Trigger > Scheduler, then you will see the following pop-up:

From here, you can set up some common schedule like every hour, every day, or every 30 mins. You can also use custom cron expression to more granularly define the schedule you want, and even define a timezone.

Shape of the event object

For scheduled trigger, the following are the shape. The data will be just be empty here.

  "topic": "platform/scheduler/xxxx",
  "taskID": "<TASK_ID>",
  "scheduleTime": <ISO 8601 string>,
  "data": {}

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