Task triggers

Task trigger define the event when your task will run. When a task is set up with certain trigger, then the task will execute when the trigger happens.

For example, if you have a task set up with Shopify product update trigger, then when a product is updated in your store, the task in Shypayrd will run.

Today, we support the following triggers:

  • Application triggers

  • Scheduled triggers

  • Manual trigger

We have plans to also add HTTP trigger and email trigger.

You can add trigger by clicking on Add Trigger in the task editor:

Note that task can also be triggered by another task through Shypyard SDK. This wouldn't need to be defined as task triggers.

Note that the triggers will not go into effect until the task is deployed.

General shape of event object

In all task codes, you have access to the event object that is passed as the first parameter to the task function. The exact shape will depend on the trigger type, but generally includes the following shape:

  "topic": <TOPIC>,
  "taskID": <TASK_ID>,
  "data": <EVENT_DATA>

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